Sunset evoking Addiction Recovery with Citizen AdvocatesSunset evoking Addiction Recovery with Citizen Advocates

Community clubs are available as part of a long term support network for its members and a home away from home. Located in Malone, NY and Saranac Lake, NY, they are  a warm and friendly setting for individuals who may be experiencing emotional difficulties or mental health issues. The club is a safe setting for club members to express their concerns to a counselor, peer or other specialist. Through providing this mental health support, the hope is to develop a person-centered plan focusing on wellness and a healthy, empowered life.

Club members are given opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities and social outings, including art, cooking, music, games, team building and more. They receive the necessary support for daily appointments, support groups, advocacy, life skills building and referrals to additional services as needed.

Crimson Phoenix Club

Crimson Phoenix Club provides services and supports for individuals age 18 and older who have been diagnosed with a psychiatric condition and need psychiatric care.

Melinda Jones Crimson Phoenix Club Manager Phone:518-483-1689 Location:81 Fort Covington Street, Malone, NY

Mountain Crest Club

Mountain Crest Club is designed to be available as part of a long term support network for its members and a home away from home. Members are encouraged to participate in social activities and outings, receive support to connect to appointments and participate in daily living skills tasks.

Warren Balogh Mountain Crest Club Manager Phone:518-891-2549 Location:43 River Street, Saranac Lake, NY

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PRS)

PRS is an adult program that assists the individual to overcome mental health barriers that may have interfered with the individual’s ability to function independently and perform normative adult roles in the community. The intent of the PRS program is to help the individual restore their functional level to the fullest possible.

Our skilled and caring staff work with each individual  in order to help them achieve personal wellness and meaningful activities of daily living.

Information on PRS and the psychiatric care provided can be obtained from a therapist, health home coordinator or targeted case manager.

Craig Barney Adult Services Coordinator Phone:518 651-2702 Location:Malone, NY

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Peer support services

These services are for individuals receiving treatment for a mental health, addiction or co-occurring conditions. Peer support services are intended to help individuals regain control and structure with their daily lives, and show they are not defined by their diagnosis.

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Parent support services

Specialized support for parents if they are struggling with a child diagnosed with a behavioral health condition by focusing on strength-based solutions.

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Need help navigating our addiction recovery services?

At Citizen Advocates, we work as a team to provide the best individual, person-centered services to the people we serve. Care coordination assists clients with identifying and accessing the services that will assist them in addressing the problems they are experiencing, or that will help them to achieve a higher quality life or level of functioning.

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