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Young man hiking in the mountains of New YorkYoung man hiking in the mountains of New York

We provide motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy to help people experiencing mental illness achieve medical, nutritional, and fitness goals. This includes basic health monitoring to help identify potential medical issues. In addition, we provide care coordination to help connect with medical services.

When we think of mental health, we often think of the mind. With physical health, we think of the body. For many years, mind and body have been treated separately, but over the years experts have realized that both can and should be treated together.

It is well-documented that seriously or chronically ill individuals have higher rates of anxiety, depression, or some form of emotional or psychological distress. In some cases, those same individuals are also struggling with an addiction.

Several years ago, Citizen Advocates took a leading-edge approach by becoming certified as an integrated behavioral health clinic. The idea behind this integration was to provide best-in-class, evidence-based care to individuals needing treatment for both mental health and addiction. Over time this has evolved further to include treatment for physical health.

Citizen Advocates can connect individuals to a variety of programs and services that contribute to improved physical health. Everything we do in our daily lives, from our living conditions to the foods we purchase at the grocery store, can impact physical health. Our skilled care coordination team develops person-centered plans that focus on increased physical activity, improved diet and nutrition, and overall improvement of physical health.

Whether it is basic primary care services or more specialized services like housing support, smoking cessation, or career development, the Physical Health services offered through Citizen Advocates work to treat and support the whole person.

The first step is contacting us for an assessment at one of our outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics.

Smoking cessation

Quitting smoking is one of the best things anyone can do to improve their health immediately. The negative effects of smoking on a person’s health and the health of others are well documented.

Our trained and caring counselors offer motivational interviewing, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and nicotine replacement therapy for individuals with a desire to end their dependence on nicotine.

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Community housing & living

Every person is entitled to live a full and meaningful life of their choosing. Community Living & Housing provides a range of services for individuals with short or long term needs as a result of their diagnosis.

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