Sunset evoking Addiction Recovery with Citizen AdvocatesSunset evoking Addiction Recovery with Citizen Advocates

Addiction touches everyone’s life at one time or another. Because it affects everyone differently, our skilled team of clinicians and caregivers develops individualized addiction treatment plans based on personalized, one-on-one encounters. We can help, and here’s how.

The individualized addiction treatment plan we develop is built around the unique needs of each person so they can achieve the goals they set on their own personal path to recovery. Our integrated clinics are one of a kind in the North Country, and the range of treatment options can include:

  • Therapy – both addiction and mental health
  • Peer support – Peers are individuals with lived experience certified to provide care and supports
  • Skill building – From socialization to job training
  • Family services – From counseling to respite supports
  • Job training or career development
  • Transportation
  • Replacement therapy – Suboxone, Vivitrol, Buprenorphine

Each of our specialized services are available for all ages: youth, adolescents and adults. Treatment plans often include an individuals support network, and if needed, we can help rebuild family or personal connections in need of mending.

Prior to any treatment plan, an initial assessment is needed.

Whether it’s therapy or ongoing support, we are committed to providing the tools and resources essential to ongoing recovery. When it comes to recover, your success is our success.

Need help navigating our addiction recovery services?

At Citizen Advocates, we work as a team to provide the best individual, person-centered services to the people we serve. Care coordination assists clients with identifying and accessing the services that will assist them in addressing the problems they are experiencing, or that will help them to achieve a higher quality life or level of functioning.

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