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Man and his dog sitting in a fieldMan and his dog sitting in a field

An important part of mental health treatment or addiction recovery is having access to the support and guidance from those with a shared experience.

Peer Specialists are individuals who have experienced a mental health or addiction diagnosis personally or through a family member or friend. A Peer Specialist uses their lived experiences to teach others the skills needed for coping with and managing mental health or addiction symptoms. Peer support uses informed, non-clinical assistance to help achieve long-term recovery from a mental health or addiction diagnosis.

Through peer counseling, peer support services help those in recovery understand they are not defined by a mental health or addiction diagnosis. Typically, peer support services are introduced during the midpoint of a treatment plan and are based on a referral from a Targeted Case Manager or therapist.

Peer Specialists coach individuals as they work through issues that are perceived as obstacles. Whether it is budgeting, time management or other planning skills, the Peer Specialist mentors and guides a person in order to overcome various challenges.

Other duties of the Peer Specialist may include encouraging an individual to revisit constructive hobbies like playing guitar, painting or simply taking time to sit in a local park to refocus and take a break from the stresses of daily life.

Peer Specialists overcame similar challenges, so they are able to help offer informed mental health and addiction recovery solutions to others. These activities are all part of the individualized service plan provided by Citizen Advocates.

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