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Youth experiencing emotional or psychiatric conditions might find it difficult to focus in school or feel like they don’t fit in with their peer groups. This can affect a young person’s normal level of functioning.

Research-based “best practice” for many disorders such as mood and attention include the use of prescription medication as part of a comprehensive behavioral health treatment plan. Medications can minimize symptoms, improve life functioning and help children benefit from other forms of treatment, such as therapy.

There are many forms of medication treatments available for treatment, however, psychiatrists need to carefully adjust the type and dosage of medications to ensure youth are receiving high quality care. This generally involves monitoring the positive benefits of specific medications at specific dosages while minimizing any negative side effects that may occur. Over time, the same medication may not produce the same benefits. Helping patients find and use the most beneficial medication as part of their overall health care is known as “medication management.”

Who can benefit from medication management?

Children with a wide range of mood disorders (such as depression and anxiety) or other psychiatric diagnoses such as bipolar disorder are often prescribed medications as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Individuals with ADD/ADHD often take medications as part of their treatment plan too. Our highly trained and compassionate medical staff remain current with established medication treatments as well as new treatments that become available. By helping patients learn about the best medication treatment from the available options, Citizen Advocates medication management services are both medical and educational in nature.

We accept referrals from both parents and pediatricians.

Need help navigating our youth services?

At Citizen Advocates, we work as a team to provide the best individual, person-centered services to the people we serve. Care coordination assists clients with identifying and accessing the services that will assist them in addressing the problems they are experiencing, or that will help them to achieve a higher quality life or level of functioning. 

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