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Alcohol & Drug Withdrawal Management Services 


The path to sobriety is not easy and shouldn’t be traveled alone. We can help. Citizen Advocates offers a complete range of outpatient Withdrawal Management services for alcohol and drugs in a safe, comfortable environment. We support every person wherever they are on their own personal path to recovery.  

Managing addiction and withdrawal can feel impossible. We want you to know that it’s not.  
We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  
No appointments are needed to learn more about our programs. We’re always available to support your decisions and provide you with resources that make the most sense for you.  

Treatment is for everyone. 
Our staff of certified professionals works with children, adolescents, adults, families and couples. Telehealth is available for follow-up care after the completion of withdrawal services to those preferring to receive help in the comfort of their own home. We help everyone, regardless of insurance coverage.  

How we can help. 

Our person-centered approach assesses and determines the right level of care to help you achieve your goals.  
Our compassionate clinicians are ready to support you where you are. They’ll begin with an initial screening and evaluation process. This should take about an hour. 
Together, you’ll review your addiction history and the substances of choice, then begin to trace the patterns of your addiction. 
We help coordinate mental health and withdrawal management follow-up appointments and provide help in assessing medical care. 
Understanding why something is happening can break barriers that have kept you stuck. This evaluation is essential in helping us find the roots of your patterns. Your treatment team of providers will then help you map out a treatment plan. 
Outpatient Medication Assisted Treatment is available if deemed appropriate.  
Citizen Advocates also provides medication replacement therapy, also referred to as MAT, when the need arises. This is especially helpful to those battling opioid addictions. Sometimes the physical burdens of addiction to (and withdrawal from) opioids can feel like too much to handle. Replacement therapy can make the transition attainable, supporting your body while it resets.  
This keeps you stable, sustaining your recovery and giving you the space you need to evaluate your addiction and follow through with your goals. This treatment works by giving you relief from cravings and blocking the feel-good effects of alcohol and opioids.  
Safe housing is an option for those needing withdrawal management care or simply support during a crisis.  
Daily therapy services are available.  
We strongly believe in developing individualized addiction treatment plans built around the distinct needs of each person and the goals they set on their own personal path to recovery. Our integrated clinics are one of a kind in the North Country.  
You hold the power to shape your own future. 
The range of treatment options available to you include: 

  • Therapy, for both addiction and mental health  
  • Building skills, from socialization to job training 
  • Peer support, those who have lived with addiction and are certified to provide care and support to those currently experiencing it  
  • Family services, to provide counseling, build back relationships and provide respite to your support network  
  • Job training and career development, to assist you in strengthening your ability to be independent and self-sufficient, without returning to destructive patterns 

We offer regularly scheduled sessions for people who have a shared experience.  
A group can foster connection and offer a safe place to exercise social skills, build healthy communication, achieve or maintain sobriety, safely manage co-occurring disorders, and practice problem-solving. With a group, you’ll work together to achieve individual goals.  

We know that addiction recovery is more than staying sober.  
Keeping a healthy lifestyle that promotes well-being and supports your decision to no longer use is a critical element to long-term care. Community clubs are part of our long-term care network, providing support and comfort to its members. Located in Malone, NY and Saranac Lake, NY, our community clubs provide a warm, friendly setting for individuals experiencing emotional difficulties or mental health issues. 

Smoking cessation services are offered.  
All of our locations are smoke free. We offer a combination of counseling and medication, a treatment combination proven to have the highest success rate.  If you are a smoker, we encourage you to ask how we can help you.  
Walk-ins welcome! All services are completely voluntary.  
Our goal at Citizen Advocates is to help you develop an individualized plan and provide you with support systems that focus on cultivating a healthy and empowered life. Contact us today if you or someone you love is experiencing addiction or requires withdrawal management.  

Preparing for your visit.  
Arrive optimistic.  
The first step toward getting help is always the hardest. Our promise to you is compassion and respect. At Citizen Advocates, you are a person. You are not defined by your addiction.   
Be prepared. 
We ask that you bring all medications you’re currently taking, as well as two days’ worth of clothing. You may choose to stay and we encourage you to be ready.  
Upon arrival, a staff member will help you develop a safety plan.  Please bring your ideas and phone contacts with you. 

Please note: 
Your belongings will be inventoried upon arrival. Weapons, drug paraphernalia and illicit substances are not allowed on campus. 
Cell phones are only permitted within bedrooms or outside of the building.