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Clarkson, Citizen Advocates team up for intern program


Sultan Bashar and Shamiul Haque are completing Internships at Citizen Advocates as part of their pursuit of Masters Degrees in Data Analytics.

Post-grad students bring analytic skills to IT Dept.

The Information Technology Department at Citizen Advocates is benefiting from the tools and insights shared by two Clarkson students completing Masters’ degrees in Data Analytics. 

Citizen Advocates has partnered with the university’s David D. Reh School of Business so the students can complete the internships needed for their degrees. 

In turn, the IT Department at Citizen Advocates is gaining a fresh perspective on how to best use a wide range of data needed to enhance care, outcomes and lower costs for the individuals it supports.

The internship program is a first for Citizen Advocates, and the two students, Sultan Bashar and Shamiul Haque, have hit the ground running.

“As a health and human services agency, Citizen Advocates is first and foremost person-centered, but we’re also committed to exploring ways in which we can leverage technology for the enhanced delivery of our programs and services,” said James Button, Citizen Advocates COO. “We are excited to see how we can learn from Sultan and Shamiul, and very proud to be able to offer real-world experience in technology and healthcare delivery.”

Sultan Bashar, MD, is a trained medical practitioner from Bangladesh, where he worked for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. He spent 12 years working in the area of public health informatics collecting data from over 14,000 healthcare facilities across the Bangladesh, and regularly published his findings in the yearly National Health Bulletin. He received his training from Fujitsu Ltd. and JICA in Okinawa, Japan, and seeks to continue honing his skills by graduating with his Masters in Data Analytics from Clarkson University.

Shamiul Haque, MD, was trained in the medical field and Computer Science at London Guildhall University. His career path focused on computer science, and has spent 12 years creating mobile healthcare solutions for government and non-profit organizations such as Brac, JivitA (A Johns Hopkins University collaboration), and briefly served as a health information systems interoperability expert with the World Health Organization.  He is currently pursuing a Masters in Data Analytics from Clarkson University.

Sultan and Shamiul will be working under the supervision of Benjamin Osypiewski, Database Administrator, and Matthew Williams, Director of IT, on their assigned projects.

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