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KPH Healthcare services & Citizen Advocates team up


KPH Healthcare Services, Inc. has teamed up with Citizen Advocates to provide on-site pharmacy care for individuals receiving integrated behavioral health services at its clinic in Malone, NY.

KPH Healthcare Services, Inc. recently announced the addition of Kinnect™, a transformational on-site pharmacy option for community health centers.  This service is designed to enhance convenience and privacy for those receiving mental health and addiction services in a safe and secure setting.  The ability to provide the appropriate care at the right time in the right setting is essential, particularly when addressing urgent treatment needs such as those resulting from the opioid addiction crisis. 

“Kinnect™ will be uniquely positioned to close existing gaps in healthcare and will aim to enhance patient satisfaction.  Through true collaboration with providers, the new on-site pharmacy model will provide the highest quality of pharmacy and healthcare services,” said John M. Marraffa, Jr., RPh, VP of Government Affairs and Healthcare Services Integrations, KPH Healthcare Services, Inc.  “We will offer a customizable, proactive solution aimed at solving the needs of patients in a variety of specialized healthcare facilities.  Our Kinnect™ pharmacists will be well-trained to enhance clinical health services, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.” 

Nearly 46% of adults will experience a type of mental illness or addiction at some point in their lives, having a critical impact on nearly every family.  This initiative allows patients access to private, personalized and coordinated care, where pharmacists work directly with providers and case managers at Citizen Advocates to optimize the delivery and utilization of medications. Kinnect™ pharmacists will enhance adherence and health outcomes, boost patient satisfaction, and help bend the cost curve.

“Citizen Advocates is deeply grateful to have a local partner in KPH Healthcare Services, Inc., an organization with a shared tradition of caring for the North Country,” said James Button, Chief Operations Officer for Citizen Advocates. “Of the many benefits this partnership provides, we are excited about the promise it holds to elevate the quality of care we provide by embedding a pharmacy within Citizen Advocates’ behavioral health clinic.  This transformative model, much like our 24/7 crisis center and integrated approach to behavioral health, is just the latest example of embracing new methods for achieving exceptional person-centered care.”

The availability of the Kinnect™ pharmacy staff is an optional resource for individuals receiving care through Citizen Advocates.  All individuals continue to have the option of receiving prescribed therapies from the pharmacy service of their choice.

“This partnership combines expertise in pharmacy and behavioral health and enables Citizen Advocates to offer immediate access to pharmacy services,” Marraffa said.  “Our Kinnect™ Pharmacy staff will collaborate with Citizen Advocates and its providers to support medication compliance and achieve sustainable quality measures and improve the lives of the patients we jointly serve.”