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Self–directed services for intellectual and developmental disabilities care give you more control over the funding used to obtain the support and services that are right for you. 

With the help of our person-centered team, you choose: 

  • Your services 
  • The staff you will work with
  • What organization(s) provides the services 
  • The schedule that works best for you 

Enhancing community involvement and social capital is at the core of self-direction. It gives you the chance to make decisions about what support and services help you to:

  • Enjoy meaningful relationships with family and friends
  • Experience better health and continued growth
  • Live in the home and community you choose
  • Work, volunteer or participate in activities you enjoy

Fiscal intermediary and broker support

To support you in your choices, we offer personalized fiscal intermediary support and broker support.

Our fiscal intermediaries are here to support you in:

  • Hiring and paying your staff
  • Paying approved bills through your self-directed budget
  • Managing your budget and staff

Our self-directed brokers are here to support you in managing your self-directed plan and help your plan work well by offering support around:

  • Creating the documentation of your person-centered service plan
  • Creating your budget of services
  • Aiding you in getting the services you need
  • Hiring and supporting your self-directed staff

Why choose Citizen Advocates for self-directed services?

  • We are the only ones in Franklin County to provide the unique fiscal intermediary program
  • Our self-directed services team is always available for you by email, phone or in person
  • Our staff consists of seasoned professionals with specialized training to support you in creating person-centered lives
  • Our self-directed services use a team approach
  • Our self-directed brokers team up with agency service providers and your care manager to identify any and all services that can help design a better life for you
  • We provide fast turnaround time for invoices and payroll
  • We offer flexible training times and locations for your staff

Additional information

OPWDD Self Direction Introduction

Need help navigating our intellectual & developmental disabilities services?

At Citizen Advocates, we work as a team to provide the best individual, person-centered services to the people we serve. Care coordination assists clients with identifying and accessing the services that will assist them in addressing the problems they are experiencing, or that will help them to achieve a higher quality life or level of functioning.

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