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Slowing the virus spread


Register Nurse Lauren LePine administers the vaccine to Clean Sweep employee Karla Reynolds at a recent Point of Dispensing clinic for Citizen Advocates employees and affiliated staff receiving their second dose.  Clean Sweep is an affirmative business operated by Citizen Advocates.

Citizen Advocates removing barriers
for employees to receive COVID vaccine

With the COVID-19 vaccine being offered at limited locations, Citizen Advocates is working with staff to remove any obstacles so they can receive both doses.

This means employees do not have to ‘clock out’ or use personal time, and it applies to both doses of the vaccine.  Typically, employees will use Paid Time Off for personal appointments such as a visit to the doctor’s office.

“Given the unprecedented significance of this historic public health crisis, we are working to remove any barriers our employees face in order to get the COVID-19 vaccine,” said James Button, CEO of Citizen Advocates. “As a healthcare organization, we take seriously our commitment to protect the health and safety of our workforce, and those we support.”

In addition to mental health and addiction prevention, treatment and recovery services, Citizen Advocates provides supportive housing for individuals.  As a vulnerable population, these individuals have been offered the opportunity to receive the vaccine. So far, a majority of those living in a residence operated by Citizen Advocates have opted to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

While employees have received the vaccination at distribution sites operated by area hospitals, Citizen Advocates has been approved to serve as a Point of Dispensing, or POD, site.  When Citizen Advocates receives its requested shipment, it intends to offer the vaccine to all remaining staff, individuals it supports and the general public.  

The organization was able to conduct a dress rehearsal for its POD by assisting Alice Hyde with administration of the second dose for Citizen Advocates employees who received the first dose at the hospital’s vaccination clinic. The POD was conducted at the Langdon Building on the Creighton Road.

“Our local hospitals have done an outstanding job getting the vaccine in the arms of essential healthcare workers and others,” said Mr. Button. “This is something they prepare for and execute flawlessly; we look forward to reinforcing these efforts so we can end this public health emergency.”

Providing employees with the opportunity to get the vaccine during work hours removes barriers such as the need to secure childcare or take time away from other important personal obligations.  Schedules are being adjusted as needed to ensure adequate coverage during all shifts.

There is no requirement that Citizen Advocates employees receive the vaccine. However, everyone is being encouraged to receive it, and resources are available for those with questions or concerns.

To learn more about Citizen Advocates is responding to COVID-19, or for tips and advice on health-related topics, click here.