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Senior Directors added to Leadership Team


Citizen Advocates has reshaped its Leadership Team to include four Senior Director roles primarily responsible for service growth and financial performance.

The transition was prompted by the confluence of COVID-19 and the emerging needs it has created for healthcare providers throughout the country.

However, many of those needs are more acute in rural areas, like northern New York, largely due to the unique health challenges present in most communities coupled with limited access to basic care.

“Our services are either growing or changing to meet a wide range of unmet and underserved needs within the community,” said James Button, CEO of Citizen Advocates. “Some of this growth is in response to COVID, while other changes are the result of those we support needing new or different services.”

This added dimension of senior leadership will allow Citizen Advocates to better serve individuals and families and provide employees with greater management support as well as professional growth opportunities.

The new Senior Directors were hired from within the existing ranks of the Leadership Team. They include:

Eileen Cavalier, Senior Director of Finance

Eileen Cavalier
  • Ms. Cavalier has extensive background focusing on fiscal stewardship at upstate New York non-profits.
  • In addition to day-to-day operations, she is experienced in evaluating the risks and benefits of new projects to help organizations thrive and grow.
  • Most recently, she worked at East House in Rochester, an organization dedicated to supportive housing for individuals living with a mental health diagnosis or addiction.

Courtney Frank, Senior Director of Health Operations

Courtney Frank
  • Ms. Frank started her career with Citizen Advocates over a decade ago as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.
  • During her time at Citizen Advocates, she gained valuable experience in several progressive leadership roles within behavioral health services arena by expanding access to mental health and addiction treatment and recovery for the North Country.
  • As a licensed therapist, Ms. Frank is passionate about reducing stigma and developing programs that meet individuals where they are in their road to recovery.

Marina Mahoney, Senior Director of Revenue Strategy

Marina Mahoney
  • Ms. Mahoney has many years of experience in healthcare, working with organizations to make sure they receive accurate and timely payment for the care they provide.
  • Revenue Strategy focuses on making sure Citizen Advocates is fully paid for the services it delivers at its clinics and a wide range of facility-based and community-based locations.
  • Among her top priorities, Ms. Mahoney will ensure maximizing the payments earned by the organization put it in a position to reinvest in its employees and services provided to individuals and families they support.

Heather Wenzel, Senior Director of Community Operations

Heather Wenzel
  • Ms. Wenzel is a life-long resident of St. Lawrence County. She began her career in healthcare as a Direct Support Professional and has worked to empower vulnerable populations and the teams that support them for the past 25 years.
  • Prior to joining Citizen Advocates, she worked in county government and non-profits throughout the North Country.
  • As Senior Director, Ms. Wenzel is focused on programs that provide safe, stable housing and community-based services. 

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