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On-site pharmacy opens


Citizen Advocates and KPH Healthcare Services representatives gathered for a safe, socially distanced ribbon cutting to mark the official opening of Kinnect™, an on-site pharmacy option located inside of the Citizen Advocates Behavioral Health Clinic in Malone.  From left to right, James Button, CEO of Citizen Advocates; John Marraffa, R.Ph., Vice President of Government Affairs and Healthcare Services integration for KPH; and Dave Warner, R.Ph., President & CEO of KPH.

New service focuses on quality of care, convenience

KPH Healthcare Services, Inc. has partnered with Citizen Advocates to announce the official opening of KinnectTM, an on-site pharmacy option within the Citizen Advocates behavioral health clinic in Malone, NY.

“This is a milestone achievement for both Citizen Advocates and KPH Healthcare Services, Inc., which demonstrates the value of collaboration between organizations who share a commitment to exceptional, high-quality care and customer service,” said James Button, CEO of Citizen Advocates.  “The pharmacy service creates an additional layer in our integrated care approach by providing the right services at the right time in the right location for those we support.”

“KinnectTM creates an environment where a patient can receive care and fill prescriptions in one convenient location,” said John M. Marraffa, Jr., R.Ph., VP of Government Affairs and Healthcare Services Integrations, KPH Healthcare Services, Inc. “Bringing the pharmacy into the patient care setting not only removes the physical barrier between patients and their prescriptions,  but it also helps eliminate fears surrounding  the stigma of addiction and mental illness.  Fewer barriers mean better outcomes, uniquely positioning KinnectTM to help communities address urgent treatment needs.”

Leading the on-site pharmacy is James McIntosh, R.Ph.  McIntosh joins KinnectTM as the Clinical Pharmacy Store Manager.

“James will oversee the KinnectTM Pharmacy and work closely with the providers at Citizen Advocates to ensure the seamless delivery, appropriate use, and management of critical medications,” said Marraffa. Pharmacy staff will work closely with Citizen Advocates providers to create personalized healthcare solutions for each patient, leading to better overall health results and patient satisfaction.”

The availability of the Kinnect™ pharmacy staff is an optional resource for individuals receiving care through Citizen Advocates.  All individuals continue to have the option of receiving prescribed therapies from the pharmacy service of their choice.

The Citizen Advocates Behavioral Health Clinic is located at 31 Sixth Street in Malone.