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Fostering Inclusivity and Empowerment: Recognizing Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month with Citizen Advocates


March marks Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, a time dedicated to increasing public awareness and understanding of the challenges and potential of individuals with developmental disabilities. Citizen Advocates, deeply embedded in the fabric of the North Country, actively participates in this observance, driven by our commitment to inclusivity, empowerment and comprehensive support.

Understanding Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disabilities encompass a diverse range of conditions, impacting day-to-day functioning and lasting throughout an individual’s life. Our recognition of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is rooted in the understanding that everyone with a developmental disability has unique abilities and potential.

Citizen Advocates’ Holistic Approach

At Citizen Advocates, we provide a spectrum of services tailored to meet the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. Our approach goes beyond basic care to create opportunities for growth, learning and community integration. We offer supportive housing, employment assistance and community-based activities, all designed to enhance independence and quality of life.

Empowering Through Education and Employment

Key to our mission is the empowerment of individuals with developmental disabilities. We believe in the power of education and meaningful employment. Our programs focus on skill development, vocational training and job placement, ensuring individuals have the tools and opportunities to succeed in the workforce.

Inclusive Community Initiatives

Our extensive presence across Northern New York has allowed us to participate in numerous community events and awareness activities, such as Franklin County Down Syndrome Society’s annual walk. These activities not only support individuals with developmental disabilities but also educate the public, breaking down misconceptions and fostering a culture of acceptance and inclusivity.

Advocating for Rights and Accessibility

Citizen Advocates is a strong advocate for the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities. We work tirelessly to ensure that policies and practices are in place to support their needs and rights. This includes advocating for accessibility, healthcare and educational opportunities.

A Community United

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month is more than just an annual observance for us. It’s a reaffirmation of our commitment to creating a society that values and supports all its members, regardless of their abilities. We invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements and potential of individuals with developmental disabilities. Together, we can build a more inclusive, understanding and compassionate world.