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Celebrating Women’s History Month


“Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worth less.”
Myra Pollack Sadker – Professor, Author, Activist

Throughout history, women have made significant contributions in a variety of fields including politics, science, arts, and activism but often their contributions have been left out of our history books.   Women’s contribution to psychology is packed with notable achievements.

For example, most people know that Sigmund Freud’s work centered to an extent around the study of his own daughter, Anna Freud.  However, it is lesser known that Anna was a celebrated psychoanalyst in her own right.  Anna Freud not only continued her father’s work and helped pioneer and expand the field of Child Psychology, but she gave us the well-known concept of defense mechanisms.

Karen Hornby, another notable woman who changed the course of psychology, pioneered the idea of self-help skills and contributed invaluably to breaking down the stigma related to seeking behavioral health treatment.

These are but two examples of women without whom the course of history would have taken a different path.  Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of these women, the women who joined them along the way and especially those that continue to follow in their footsteps every day at Citizen Advocates.