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Autism – Elevating awareness & acceptance


Autism Acceptance Month is a month-long observance in April that aims to promote acceptance and understanding of autism, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction and behavior.

The observance is an alternative to Autism Awareness Month, which was originally established to increase public awareness of autism, but has been criticized for promoting a negative view of autism as a disease or disorder that needs to be cured or eradicated. 

The goal of Autism Acceptance Month is to shift the focus from awareness to acceptance by promoting understanding and acceptance of autism as a natural variation of human diversity, rather than a disorder to be fixed or cured.  

Neurodiversity is often viewed through a lens of negativity.  However, divergence from the norm is the bedrock of biodiversity and an essential component of any healthy community. The observance encourages people to celebrate the strengths and unique qualities of individuals with autism, rather than just their challenges.

During Autism Acceptance Month, various organizations and individuals organize events, campaigns and activities to raise awareness and promote acceptance of autism. These may include educational seminars, community events, art exhibits and social media campaigns.

We encourage everyone to explore opportunities to participate in community events designed to raise autism acceptance.  The observance also provides an opportunity for autistic individuals to share their experiences and perspectives, and to advocate for their rights and inclusion in society. 

Please take a moment to share your story with the hashtag #AutismAcceptanceMonth and share positive messages and stories about autism and autistic individuals.

Overall, Autism Acceptance Month is about celebrating and valuing the diversity of human experiences, including those with autism, and promoting a more inclusive and accepting society.