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Self-Directed Services: It’s all about you!


It’s all about you!

Individuals supported through Self-Directed Services at Citizen Advocates know exactly what this means, and because of it, they are able to live a life of their choosing.

Dallas Norrell started his personal journey with the Self-Direction Program in 2015, and it has allowed him to identify his goals and live a meaningful life.

“My Self-Directed Plan assists me with how I want to live my life, which includes paying for my housing, staff, transportation, community activities and utilities,” he likes to point out, adding, “Having this guidance and budget planning allows me to have more money available to do things I enjoy.”

This is because the Self-Direction Program gives every individual the flexibility to choose the right mix of supports and services that are most important to them.

With self-direction, you choose:

  • Your services
  • The staff and organization that provide them
  • The schedule that works best for YOU

‘I am much happier & healthier’

Dallas agrees:
“I have a great staff that works with me to choose activities I want to do daily, work towards improving my daily living skills, money management skills and improving my health and well-being. While working with my staff, my walking and speech have improved drastically. I feel I am much happier and healthier because my staff is so supportive of my dreams and goals.”

“Because of Self-Direction and my great staff, I was able to accomplish my dream of living on my own. I have my own home now and I have learned to take care of it and myself. I work with my staff daily to help determine the difference between my wants and needs. They have helped me set up a savings account. They have also helped me achieve and maintain a very good credit score.”

Another key part of Self-Direction is the promotion of community participation and interaction, an area where Dallas is flourishing.

“My safety is very important to me.” Dallas emphasized. “I have learned safety skills when I am out in the community. These safety skills now allow me to go camping, sit by campfires, go fishing, hiking, on picnics, to the movies, shopping, out to eat and on vacations. I enjoy doing all of these activities!”

Greater goals await

Thanks to Self-Direction, Dallas is looking to accomplish even greater goals.

“My current long-term goal that I am still working on with my staff, is buying a brand new burgundy Camaro and having my staff chauffeur me around in it!” he vows, with a huge smile on his face.

Citizen Advocates Self-Direction Program is currently accepting new participants for Fiscal Intermediary and Brokerage. If you are interested in receiving Self-Direction services from Citizen Advocates, please call Nakisha Clark at 518-481-8240.

About the photo: Paul & Karen Gravelle and Dallas Norrell.