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On the job with a licensed mental health counselor


Alicia Gorman is part of a leading-edge team of clinicians providing exceptional mental health and addiction services in northern New York.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with Citizen Advocates, she feels right at home professionally where she can guide those in need.

“I help others become their best self,” she likes to say.

Fresh out of college, she started as a Mental Health Counselor with Citizen Advocates in 2015, and found herself surrounded by supportive colleagues willing to share their time and experience with her.  This investment in her professionally allowed her to earn the clinical hours needed to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

“I love my co-workers, they are phenomenal,” Alicia says.  This includes the team around her, including the Prescribers, Care Coordinators, Targeted Case Managers, Skill Builders, Nurses, Peer Specialists and support staff.

Not only does she love where she works, she loves where she lives.  As a North Country native living in the foothills of the Adirondack Park, she embraces the endless kayaking, hiking and camping opportunities the area has to offer.

Why Citizen Advocates?

The needs of every community are unique.  In Northern New York, the area’s rural nature is an asset, but also can present challenges for individuals seeking mental health or addiction treatment.  This includes access to reliable transportation, adequate nutrition, livable wages, education and more.

“I know I can’t change the environment of where we live.  I can assist people I’m caring for as they build the skills needed to manage their diagnosis despite the challenges that exist where we live,” she says.

The same support she received as a new clinician is now there to help augment the treatments she can offer for mental health and addiction, which is also unique to Citizen Advocates.

“The support team helps build the protective factors and reduce the risk factors for those in our care, so for example, we have the ability through our care team to help someone find reliable transportation or safe and stable housing,” Alicia points out. “By addressing these areas we can then more effectively work on improving a person’s mental health, building their self-esteem and strengthening relationships.”

Continuing to grow

The professional opportunity for Alicia doesn’t stop there.  As a clinician with special interests, she started a DBT skills group, Mindfulness Group and skills group focusing on co-dependence. 

“As a clinician, it is empowering to take the initiative within these specific areas, and by working with my colleagues, I am growing professionally and have a greater ability to deliver a higher level of care to those we treat,” Alicia says.

“My job here is very meaningful.  I am inspired by the strength and resilience of those we support, and truly honored to be a part of their growth and recovery.”

About the photo: Alicia Gorman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor.