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Our position in the community gives us the ability and responsibility to drive progress and improve futures. We stand firm in our commitment to social and environmental initiatives, helping ensure that Citizen Advocates’ impact on our communities and the planet is always driven by our mission to make lives better.

We stand firmly committed to our four pillars of impact:

Purpose  •  People  •  Profession  •  Planet

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Purpose: Company Culture

We are working to cultivate and uphold a workplace culture of belonging, engagement, and inspiration. We support a culture where our workforce can be authentic, contribute freely, and take pride in being an integral part of our organization. We recognize that the culture in which we do our work directly impacts the quality of work we do, as well as the community we are trying to help.

We are working towards:
  • Infusing cultural beliefs and values throughout our performance review process.
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People: Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity & Belonging

We are committed to hiring, developing, and retaining a diverse workforce and leadership team—translating inclusive ideals into real world results. We are working to support a diverse and inclusive culture through education and engagement efforts. By the end of September 2022, we will have established new hire and annual DEIB training for all our workforce. We believe these trainings result in meaningful change and foster a sense of inclusion and unity.

We are working towards:
  • Establishing new hire and annual DEIB training for all our workforce
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Profession: Workforce Advocacy

Our workforce makes up the heartbeat and strength of this organization and we are dedicated to supporting them as they work to support and advocate for others. We are committed to intentionally creating opportunities that not only encourage but empower them to sustain balanced, healthy and fulfilling lives.

We are working towards:
  • Implementing a flexible work schedule option to our employees
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Planet: Environmental Action

As we operate and build our organization, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact through buying power, advocacy, education and action.

We are working towards:
  • Increasing the amount of waste that we recycle, reducing our carbon footprint

Meet our Corporate Social Responsibility Chairs

Heather Perrin

Heather Perrin will lead the Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity & Belonging Committee. Heather has firsthand experience with DEIB and is fiercely passionate about DEIB issues.  In addition, Heather has recently accepted the role of Director of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Amanda Tagliarino

Amanda Tagliarino is our company culture expert. She is our resident champion on the importance of creating a supportive and engaging company culture at CA.

Stefan Schumacher

Stefan Schumacher has long been known for his environmental advocacy. Stefan chaired our first Green Committee and is outspoken on corporate social responsibility.

Krista Bartlett

Krista Bartlett, our Chief HR Officer, is a tireless advocate for working conditions, pay parity and labor relations. She looks forward to passionately leading this initiative.

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