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Giving thanks


Citizen Advocates held an early Thanksgiving celebration for members of the Crimson Phoenix and Mountain Crest Social Clubs.

The lunchtime meal featured delicious eats prepared by Citizen Advocates staff and club members, complete with centerpiece decorations thanks to the creative efforts of Jennifer Bilow, Vice President of the Citizen Advocates Board of Directors, and her mother, Carol Ann Lashomb.

The gathering was held at the Living Hope Church Community Center in Malone, which provided ample space for club members and a kitchen area to serve the meal.

The social clubs offer support systems to help members develop an individualized plan with a focus on cultivating a healthy and empowered life. Club members participate in a wide range of activities and outings, including art, cooking, music, games, team building and more.

In addition, they receive the necessary support through daily appointments, support groups, life-skills building and referrals to additional services as needed.