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 'I always knew I would work with people.'

The first thing that greets you about Jillian is her honest smile and gentle nature.  Jillian has been an Adult Health Care Coordinator for about two years with Citizen Advocates. 

She offers that smile and then says, "I learn so much from the people I work with.  I always knew I would work with people.  I just didn't know exactly what that would mean."   She explains her work in this way, "I coordinate services to help people take that first step as they come out of the hospital or jail or move out on their own.  It is a lot of behind the scenes connecting the dots for linking people to services that they need."   

There is something about Jillian that says she is serious.  She moved to Bulgaria for two years to teach the people there English and is currently working on her MSW.  She also gives guitar lessons on the side.  Her minor in her undergrad was music.  She gained her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Liberty University in Virginia.  She is a North Country native, having grown up in Bangor.  She now lives in the village of Malone. 

With her humble passion for making a difference, she adds much to our team!  

Jillian Fowler








Jillian Fowler



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