Behavioral Health Outpatient Treatment

Behavioral health plays an important role in our lives – it determines how we look at ourselves, how we approach relationships with others, and how we approach the numerous challenges we face in our fast-paced world. Just like our physical health, our behavioral health suffers at times – and when it does, emotions, feelings, substance use or gambling behaviors can interfere with our ability to function. Offering the broadest continuum of prevention and treatment services in the North Country, Citizen Advocates' Behavioral Health Services serves those dealing with mental illness, substance abuse and addiction, co-occurring disorders and gambling problems. From start to finish, our professionally certified staff utilizes the highest quality service and evidence-based practices to assist you on your own individual journey toward healing and hope – creating a brighter future together. 

When the need is more urgent, individuals have access to prompt and effective services at Citizen Advocates Crisis & Recovery Center


Crisis & Recovery Center 

The Crisis & Recovery Center in Malone is an alternative to traditional emergency care for individuals experiencing a mental health or addiction crisis. 

An extension of Citizen Advocates' outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic, the Crisis & Recovery Center offers access to prompt, effective and recovery-focused services in a respectful, home-like environment. 

The Center is open to those in need on a voluntary basis, and referrals are not required.

The Center offers immediate, 24-hour access to behavioral health treatment and outpatient detoxification services, as well linkages to other community services.  People experiencing a mental health or addiction crisis generally don't have immediate access to behavioral healthcare in a hospital emergency room setting.   

Each person cared for at the Crisis & Recovery Center is first given a medical assessment to determine if referral to emergency medical services is necessary. If medically cleared, they have immediate access to a team of highly trained behavioral health professionals who assist in addressing crisis or outpatient detoxification needs, and develop individualized treatment and recovery plans.  This personalized, one-on-one care can lead to better outcomes, and is generally less costly than hospitalization.   

In addition to providing crisis care and other supports, the Center features 13 respite beds along with other modern and homelike respite areas to support voluntary stays ranging from a few hours to seven days.  Respite stays provide an appropriate level of care for individuals in crisis, withdrawal or who are transitioning from a higher level of behavioral health care.  Often times, they do not require hospitalization but benefit from individualized treatment and recovery plans offered through respite stays - including links to community-based services - in preparation for return to the home.


(518) 481-8160 


(518) 483-3261
(518) 891-5535 


15 Fourth Street
Malone, NY
(the former Alice Hyde Nursing Home)



Behavioral Health Clinic Services

At North Star’s behavioral health facilities, we’re ready to assist you when you need us. We offer both scheduled appointments or invite you to come to our clinics in Malone and Saranac Lake for open access walk-in services from 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. Our staff of certified professionals works with children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples, and we offer a variety of services from initial screening and evaluations to ongoing individual and group therapy, referrals and beyond, in order to address your needs. Beginning with an evaluation process, we work alongside individuals seeking help to determine what’s going on in their lives, what’s causing the problems, and how we can assist in solving them. From there, we develop a treatment plan tailored to individual needs. Along the way, we strive to help the entire family, with counseling available not only to the person experiencing substance abuse or mental illness, but also to those family members and loved ones who have been affected.

Our Behavioral Health Services include:

  • Individual, group, and family psychotherapy
  • Marriage and family counseling
  • Medication management
  • Depression screening and treatment
  • Services to help with bereavement, anger and anxiety
  • School-based services for children and adolescents
  • Court-ordered evaluations
  • Counseling and medication management services for Franklin County Jail residents
  • Referral to community support services (psychiatric rehabilitation, self-help, residential services, case management, family support and respite for adults and children)
  • Coordination with community-based providers including primary care physicians, and local hospitals
  • 24/7 crisis services

Specialized Substance Use Disorder Services including:

  •  Referral assistance for detox or inpatient treatment
  • Medication Assisted Treatment including Suboxone
  • DWI/DUI evaluations and treatment
  • DSS public assistance SUD evaluations
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Women’s group
  • SEVEN CHALLENGES Adolescent group
  • Relapse prevention group
  • Co-occurring disorders group
  • Family Program and counseling for family members and significant others

Education and introduction to self-help support and the 12 steps:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To expect confidentiality
  • To receive age and culturally appropriate services
  • To understand available treatment options and alternatives
  • To receive care that does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, or type of illness

Malone Clinic
31 Sixth Street Street Malone NY 12953
518.483.3261 or 518.483.8980

Saranac Lake Clinic
70 Edgewood Saranac Lake NY 12986



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